Two leaders for UMW and Fredericksburg

A former Account Executive with Telemundo and co-owner of a large retail furniture business, Carey Sims is passionate about developing leaders. She and husband Gannon Sims, a former public affairs officer with the U.S. State Department’s anti-human trafficking office, have teamed up to serve the UMW community. They’re here to help students and young adults grapple with issues of faith and how Christian spirituality brings coherence to life—when it seems like life is going in multiple directions or in no direction at all.

Carey earned the BA in Spanish and International Relations from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. She holds the MBA from Regent University and the M.Div. from Duke University. She values deep relationships, long walks and creating sacred space to listen and reflect. In Fredericksburg, Carey serves with Marketplace Chaplains at several local businesses and is active with FredXChange, a group working to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the Fredericksburg region.

Gannon earned the BA in Speech Communication with a minor in Music (voice) at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and also earned the M.Div. at Duke. When he’s not on campus, he can often be found with his hands in the soil, in a kayak on the Rappahannock River or on stage; most recently at the Riverside Center Theater. In addition to his work at The Center, Gannon serves as the communications director for Fresh Expressions US, as a member of the Advisory Board of the Fund for Theological Education and on the board of champions of Alpha for Campus.